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American parents invented 1,100 names last year
Women's names written on post it in different colors - photo by Herb Scribner
New names are all the rage for parents in the modern age.

New data from the Social Security Administration on American baby names show that babies were given 29,910 distinct names this year, with 1,100 of those never appearing in the data set before, according to Quartz.

The name Camreigh is the most popular of those newly invented names, having been given to 91 babies even though it didnt show up in the baby name data for 2016.

That name follows an ongoing trend in baby naming to add the eigh suffix to names that have a traditional e sound.

Two other popular names included Asahd, which was given to 58 babies. That name is a varied spelling of the Arabic name Asad (the name of DJ Khaleds son, who was born in 2016).

Taishmara was also a popular new name, likely after Taishmara Rivera, a popular Instagrammer.

You can see a list of the most popular new names over at Quartz.

The SSA revealed its most popular baby names list earlier this month. Emma topped the 2017 list of popular girls names, while Liam dethroned Noah for the top spot for boys, according to the Deseret News.

Interestingly, the name Michael fell out of the top 10 for the first time since World War II. For girls, Emily dropped out of the top 10, where it had stayed since 1990.

Amelia, Evelyn, Logan and Oliver all joined the top 10 for girls and boys for the first time.

And even though Donald didnt see any uptick since President Donald Trump took office, Melania, which is the name of the first lady, ranked fifth on a list of names increasing in popularity.