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Anonymous boy sends Valentine to every girl in school
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EDMOND, Okla. For one young man in Oklahoma, Valentine's Day wasn't about a special someone, a kiss or a moment. Instead, the boy wanted to make over 1,000 girls at his high school happy.

His name for one day was "Anonymous" and he sent out 1,076 cards with candy to every girl at his high school for Valentine's Day. His name is Dan Williams, who is ironically without a Valentine for now.

For single people, Valentine's Day isn't always easy, and in high school the pressure amplifies, but Williams wanted to make sure that every girl knew there was someone looking out for her.

Williams sent out a card with candy that said, "Remember that there will always be people who care about you and I will always be one of them! Love, Anonymous."

Williams began planning the event in the summer when he started working to get money to hand out all the cards and candy. He did it so that he could make sure people were happy.

He was actually short of money less than two weeks ago, almost $150 short, but he was able to make it because, as he said, "The Lord provided."

He didn't do it for fame or to get a date. He tried to remain anonymous; he did it so people could feel good about themselves.

"To know someone out there cares about, because that's one of the best feelings in the world I think," Williams said.