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Don't want rain on your wedding day? Go to France with $150,000
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A company in France wants to help couples avoid rain on their wedding day by bursting the rain clouds above them. - photo by Herb Scribner
Want to make that rain, rain go away on your wedding day?

Get in contact with Perfect Day Cloud Bursting, a service of Olivers Travels, which manages hotels and celebrations. The cloud-bursting service, according to The Telegraph, costs $150,000, and the company promises to stop rain from pouring down on your wedding ceremony.

"The only cloud at your wedding will be Cloud Nine, the company told The Telegraph.

According to the Olivers Travels website, the company hires a team of cloud bursters who fly above the clouds, sprinkle some silver dust down and cause the clouds to vanish. It takes three weeks to prepare the silver particles of silver iodide that condense the water vapor from the clouds an act called cloud seeding and stops the rain.

The service is only available at Olivers Travels weddings in France.

This isnt the first time this trick has been used to stop rain at major events. According to The Telegraph, this cloud-bursting strategy was used in the 2008 Beijing Olympics and during one of Paul McCartneys concerts.

That said, you may not want to hold back the rain if youre looking to have a baby.

According to urban legends and folklore reported on by CNN, rain on your wedding day is a sign of fertility. A modern example of this was when one couple experienced rain on their wedding day and had a baby nine months later.

And Peter Ormerod wrote for The Guardian that he was happy that it rained on his wedding day. Rain put out one of the bridesmaids dresses, for one thing, when it caught on fire. And it also helped Ormerod realize weddings arent about the fancy dresses, tasty food or beautiful tables, but actually about the value of marriage.

If youre lucky, your wedding wont go according to plan, Ormerod wrote. If youre lucky, it wont be the day youve always dreamed of. If youre lucky, itll look nothing like it does in the brochures, nothing like it does in any film youve seen or any book youve read, nothing like any fairytale. Flawed masterpieces are the best sort.