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Father helps ease his sons worries about Paris in viral video
A son was worried that he and his family would have to leave their home. In an interview with a French TV show, his father told him something different. - photo by Herb Scribner
Darkness has descended upon much of France this week after a group of attackers killed 129 people and left more than 300 injured last Friday night, as multiple reports explain.

But there has been some semblance of light, too.

During an interview with French TV show Le Petit Journal, a father eases his sons worries about the Paris attacks, according to FB Newswire. The son initially shows fear that he would have to leave Paris, but his father reassures him that they would stay.

Oh no, dont worry, he says. We dont need to move out. France is our home.

Also in the video, the father explains to his son that the memorial flowers placed around the city are a positive way to remember those who died in the shootings.

The video, which has been viewed almost 2 million times, was edited with subtitles by Facebook user Jerome Isaac Rousseau, and can be viewed below: