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Have You Seen This? Army buddies reunite after 61 years
They didnt think theyd see each other again, but decades later, the love is still strong. - photo by Martha Ostergar
YOUR TEAR DUCTS Arguably, the only thing that feels magical about being human is when we find people in our lives with whom we feel strong bonds.

You never know where youll find these friends. Sometimes youre lucky to know these type of people your whole life in the form of school chums or family, and sometimes they crop up out of nowhere at a new job or even in line at the grocery store.

However, there is one group of people that seem to create lifelong friendship with everlasting bonds in fairly high numbers the armed forces.

The loyalty and bond that comes with training and fighting together is compelling to us as humans in general. All you have to do is peruse any library or movie queue, and its easy to find fiction and nonfiction stories alike about military bonds that never seem to break. We seem to crave these stories of incredible friendships; these stories touch and overwhelm us.

This featured video is a real life mini story of two Army buddies who havent seen each other in 61 years. And when they finally do, the spark of friendship and love is palpable. Indeed, its difficult to hold back tears when one of the men exclaims, I never thought Id see you again.

This reunion was brought to us by one of the retired servicemens daughters, according to the video description. Their father mustve talked about his Army buddy for all 61 years, so it was probably high time for these women to track him down.