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Have You Seen This? Burglary suspect breaks it down after breaking in
This suspected burglar was caught dancing on security camera footage after breaking into a California business earlier this month. - photo by Mary Dalrymple
FRESNO Some burglars really know how to make an entrance.

Security camera footage captured earlier this month at a business in Fresno, California, shows a suspected burglar doing just that. But as this burglar makes his entrance (by way of copies of keys, according to Fresno police), he pauses for a second to break it down with a few dance moves.

Now, I don't know if this was a victory dance, or if this guy was just so overcome by the need to dance that he had to give in and pop and lock for a minute before proceeding with his burgling. But if it's the second one, hey man, we've all been there. Well, not after breaking and entering. That's never OK. Neither is stealing, of course, which police say is what this guy proceeded to do after this little performance. But who among us hasn't felt that need to throw out of a few dance moves in an unconventional setting?

OK, fine. I guess this isn't a case of "Burglars! They're just like us!" But I still admire this guy's ability to dance like no one's watching in the most unexpected times. A good reminder for all of us to find the joy in life even when times are tough. And also a good reminder that security cameras are everywhere, so definitely don't steal or break into businesses, please.