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Have You Seen This? Charming toddler gratitude
A toddler is adorably grateful well, mostly when she get her perfect birthday present. - photo by Martha Ostergar
GRATEFUL TOWN Now that Halloween is one day behind us, its time to turn our minds to the Thanksgiving season.

If youre like me, youre looking forward to eating so much that you get sick and vow never to eat that much again. You know, until Christmas, anyway.

But if youre a more mature adult than I, or a child that has always acted older than she really is, then youre probably more focused on gratitude.

Provo mother Amanda Collier said her daughter, Savannah, had been asking for a bike leading up to her second birthday.

Anytime anyone mentioned (Savannahs) birthday, she would inform them that she was getting a bike, Amanda said. I think we were as anxious as she was. Not just to give the bike to her, but to see her reaction.

In Amandas words, her daughter is the perfect mix of sassy and sweet, an ideal combination for great reactions to new or surprising situations.

She has the best personality and at a young age developed a great sense of humor. She is constantly making us laugh and has always acted older than she really is, Amanda said. She is very polite and grateful, and once she even thanked me for putting her in timeout.

You only have to watch the video to see that Savannahs mother knows her well, as the tots reaction is entirely sweet with a heavy dose of thank yous and a heaping helping of sass added for good measure. (Sorry, mom.)

Her reaction was far better than we could have ever imagined and NOT what we expected from a two year old, Amanda said. It was definitely worth the wait to see how happy and excited she was. That moment can never be recreated, so we are so glad we caught it on camera.