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Have You Seen This? Cutest Queens guardsman in the whole world
A little boy, in full red-coat regalia, gets a treat that only the Queens Guard can provide. - photo by Martha Ostergar
JOLLY OLDE ENGLAND One could argue that the three most well-recognized sites of London are Big Ben, red phone booths and the Queens Guard.

Even if you arent familiar with the term Queens Guard, youve certainly seen at least one image in your lifetime of a stiff-as-a-board soldier in a bright red coat with an 18-inch high bearskin hat.

These are the infantrymen who guard the royal residences, and theyre highly trained soldiers as well as a hot tourist attraction. In fact, watching the changing of the guard at any sovereign palace is practically a tourist requirement for anyone who graces England with his or her presence.

In this video, youll see just how popular the Queens Guard is at Windsor Castle, especially with one teeny-tiny tourist named Marshall Scott. According to the video description, seeing the changing of the guard was the birthday wish of the little boy. Youll be able to recognize Marshall because hes in a pocket-sized, yet very official-looking, guardsman costume.

The last guard in the line mustve taken a shining to the tyke because the soldier does an about-face to participate in a perfect photo op with Marshall. Even the coldest heart might melt when you see this littlest soldier give his best salute.

The only thing that wouldve made this video better is if the guardsman was wearing his red summer coat and not the gray, longer coats the soldiers wear in the winter. Even then, this is probably the cutest thing youll see all day.