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Have You Seen This? Dad goes viral with jaw-dropping cover song
A video of a Texas dad has gone viral after his daughter recorded him singing an incredible version of Tennessee Whiskey. - photo by Martha Ostergar
THE CAR We all sing in our cars, and some of us believe that if the right producer heard us, we could be famous.

Whether youre right or wrong about your car-singing fantasies, one this is for sure this dad from Texas really could be famous. Well, famous even beyond his recent viral video, which has over 4 million views and counting.

Kris Jones was filmed by his daughter as they were recently driving around Fort Worth, Texas. In the video, Jones covers George Jones hit Tennessee Whiskey. (You may recognize the song after it was covered by Justin Timberlake and Chris Stapleton at the 2015 Country Music Awards.)

Jones sings with passion, strength and better-than-average voice control, which in combination make his casual car performance stunning. While this dad deserves all the attention the video is getting, its almost just worth the watch to see his daughters face and reactions as Jones sings.

Sure, sometimes shes just pulling little faces at the camera which just comes with the territory when youre a young girl in a digital age but you can also see how proud she is of her papa. Her face shines with admiration as she grins and mouths along with the song. Its truly delightful.

To see more from Jones, visit his Facebook page. You can also vote for his video on Ellen Degeneres website here.