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Have You Seen This? Dog and the unattainable stick
This dog doesnt just want a stick, he wants a very particular stick, and hes willing to work for it. - photo by Martha Ostergar
THE PARK If animals dream, I think its safe to assume that every dog regularly dreams about a comfy bed, chasing squirrels and finding a great stick.

No, not just a great stick, the perfect, holy grail of sticks. That stick that will show all the other dogs who is boss. That stick that every pupper knows will be its best friend and playmate.

This is probably what the dog in this video is thinking when he finds a glorious stick that still happens to be attached to a tree. But this doggo will not let something like the forces of nature stop him from obtaining his passionate dream of possessing that branch for its very own.

This dog has its eye on the prize, its going for the gold, its applying the fundamentals of good hustle and pushing through the pain, its taking no prisoners, and its not taking no for an answer.

Sadly, attitude and dog jaw strength, it turns out, dont always get you what you want. But it sure is fun watching this dog trying. Im sure if it starts weight training, throwing back protein shakes and getting real swol, this sweet dog can make all his stick dreams come true.