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Have You Seen This? Dog howls Ave Maria
A little editing may be involved, but that doesnt mean this dogs howls arent pitch perfect. - photo by Martha Ostergar
THE DOG HOUSE If you refer to your dog as your fur baby, then you probably think everything it does is adorable and it is infallible.

You probably think that your dog is the sweetest of all dogs when it naps or cuddles or begs or eats or does anything a dog does. You probably even think that your dogs howls are music to your ears.

Well Im sorry to tell you that no matter how highly you think of your dog, the dog in this video just one-upped your dog and put it to shame, and its because this pooch does a pitch-perfect version of Ave Maria.

With clear and confident tones, the dog works its way through the beautiful Schubert song (or is that Scoobert?) with panache, flair, and spot-on vibrato. It may even bring you to tears.

OK, OK, the video is highly edited, so its not like the dog is howling any stanzas from start to finish. But if you think the video is edited to add a steady pitch and vibrato then youre dead wrong.

With this unedited video as proof, youll see the dog has a natural talent for vibrato and multi-note howls. It has a true gift and sings (or howls) much better than I and at least 98 percent of my relations and friends do. Plus, it made me laugh pretty hard.