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Have You Seen This? Lifelike masks are 100% creepy
Theres a certain skill and attention it takes to turn impressive, realistic art into nightmare fuel. - photo by Martha Ostergar
THE SHOP I wont beat around the bush, this video will likely give you nightmares even though theres nothing inherently scary about it.

You may recall a recent trend in photo-realistic drawings and paintings. Theyre so lifelike that its difficult to believe they arent photographs. Well, what do you think happens when the same thing is true of a mask? Creepsville is what happens.

Welcome to the world of hyper-realistic silicone masks. These arent your mommas plastic halloween masks that are creepy because they dont look enough like a real face; these are state-of-the-art masks that are creepy because of the realistic effect achieved with great skill and craftsmanship.

Landon Meier is the owner and operator of his aptly named company, Hyperflesh. Hes the one youll see in the video who is trying on a mask that looks like a very real girl with pigtails. It shouldnt be creepy, it just looks like a girl. But boy howdy, its a bizarre watching experience.

If you look at this workbench in the back, youll see that he also makes masks of celebrities including our current POTUS, Charlie Sheen, Mike Tyson, Vladimir Putin, and more. In fact, you may have even seen a video of Bryan Cranston donning the mask of his now famous character Walter White (aka Heisenberg) from Breaking Bad.

Check out more work from Hyperflesh on its Facebook page or website. Fair warning: the more you look, the creepier it all gets.