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Have You Seen This? Man gives his own twist to Pixar impressions
No Caption - photo by Martha Ostergar
EMERY, Calif. Im not sure you can call yourself a human being if youve never gotten some sort of entertainment or joy out of a Pixar movie. (I suppose its good that Im not the judge of an individuals level of humanness.)

The company has been delighting us for almost two decades with movies such as Toy Story, The Incredibles and Inside Out, not to mention its amazing collection of animated shorts.

Because of Pixars well-known canon, its no wonder that the Internet tries to squeeze more entertainment out of the franchise by creating fan art, memes, video mashups and much more.

In his effort to honor Pixar, impressionist Brock Baker self titled The Man of a Kajillion Voices posted a video last week of his impressions of some of Pixars most popular characters. At first the video seems like a straight-up (and not particularly special) demo reel but, as Baker gets going, he starts to put his own spin on the dialogue and characters.

Bakers Owen Wilson impression via Lightning McQueen from Cars was a particularly good funny-bone tickler, in my estimation. There are a few more surprises that may top that, but I wont spoil it for you.

To infinity and beyond, yall.