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Have You Seen This? Meet the worlds most beautiful tarantula
These beautiful, exotic blue tarantulas are losing their home to deforestation. - photo by Mary Dalrymple
THE ZOO Believe it or not, spiders can actually be beautiful.

Though I may not have agreed last week when I had to kill a huge, ugly spider I found in my bathroom, after watching this video, I can say it's definitely true.

The video from Great Big Story introduces us to the gooty sapphire tarantula, a spider that is covered in tiny, bright blue hairs. The spider is absolutely beautiful, the type of thing you look at and can't help but marvel at how nature could create something so bright and unique. But unfortunately, this species of tarantula is classified as critically endangered.

As the video explains, gooty sapphire tarantulas only live in one place a place that is currently being harvested for firewood. As their forest home in India is torn down, the tarantulas have nowhere to go.

The video description says that this particular tarantula is at the Dallas Zoo, but if you visit, be sure to keep your distance. These spiders are quick and their bites are very painful for humans.

And if you can't visit, just enjoy this video. It's a cool, quick look at a fascinating creature that may not exist for very much longer.