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Have You Seen This? Not your mamas ping-pong tricks video
There are a lot of trick-shot, ping-pong ball videos on the internet, but this one raises the bar. - photo by Martha Ostergar
THE NET If you spend much time on the internet, youve seen a lot of videos and whole YouTube channels that involve trick shots with all kinds of sports balls.

Ping-pong balls are a popular choice for people who arent Dude Perfect. Im guessing this is because ping-pong balls are cheap which means you dont need a cash infusion from sponsors and they are light, which means they can be tossed around your home safely.

Now, this featured video starts out like all the other ping-pong videos, with a few increasing distance shots and some angled boards. But if you patiently watch the just-over-one-minute video, youll be rewarded with some impressive upgrades.

YouTube user DoodleChaos is responsible for posting the clip, which he aptly describes as a crescendo of difficulty. One-hand shots escalate to two-hand shots. Two-hand shots escalate to timing shots with moving parts. Then moving parts shots escalate into moving parts that are literally thrown into each set up with a sort of chaotic precision.

It all ends with a small Rube Goldberg machine and a guttural yes from the ping-pong ball throwing hero in the video.

After all my praise, however, I do have one qualm. You may notice that we dont actually see any human actually throwing ping-pong balls. Basically, I cannot guarantee that each throw wasnt done by a precision robot or even a wizard. Please post any other conspiracy theories you may have in this vein below, and Im sure well get to the bottom of it.