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Have You Seen This? Paint-covered brothers are adorable and hilarious
Two brothers are in trouble for getting into paint in the house. - photo by Mihai Patriche/YouTube

CURIOSITY TOWN — Kids are curious, which is how it should be. Curiosity helps kids as they’re learning to negotiate the world around them.
But sometimes curiosity — especially coupled with creativity and smarts — leads down a fun and painless path for kids, but ends in a giant problem headache for adults.

Two young brothers were only having fun building stairs to get to some paint cans when their dad discovered the pair covered head-to-toe in paint. He placed them in the shower and began filming his talk with them about what they did and how much trouble they were in.

But almost from the second the video starts, it’s obvious that no one is going to be yelling-mad at the brothers for covering the downstairs and each other in paint. Their big eyes looking out from their paint-covered faces punctuates the innocence of youth, not to mention their head shakes, looking to each other for support and solidarity, and the sweetest tag of “daddy” at the end of almost every sentence.

When dad begins to lose it and starts to laugh, the showdown only gets more adorable and hilarious as the oldest cannot comprehend why dad would be laughing in that moment. In fact, the brothers are so adorable and calm in the troubles that you almost feel sorry for them when they learn “there’s no more juice now.”