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Have You Seen This? Small human in big wave is dazzling
Enjoy this incredible drone footage of a surfer catching a massive wave. - photo by Martha Ostergar
THE CURL Surfing a few 4-foot waves for fun and fitness is one thing, catching and surviving a 70-foot plus wave is quite another.

Big wave surfing is not so much a sport as it is a death defying stunt where you have zero control over most of the variables. You cant build a ramp to spec or place pads around you as you practice your skill; all you can do is wait for the big waves then pit your skill and soft, fleshy body against a wall of water with the force of the tide behind it.

In this featured video, you can get a sense of the danger and thrill of riding a big wave from the comfort of your own home. Its a gift that only skilled drone pilots can give us.

Prepare to be filled with awe and wonder as Sebastian Steudtner, 32, catches the monster wave. The video description doesnt say how big the wave is when this professional big wave surfer from Germany caught it, but it was estimated to be 80 feet at its peak as it made its way to the Praia do Norete in Nazar, Portugal.

In many surfing videos, it feels that surfers are casually slipping down a gentle slope of water. But as the drone zooms out, you get a real sense of how tiny and insignificant Steudtner appears against the massive wall of water. If youre not careful, viewing the video is almost enough to give you an existential crisis.

The incredible run was filmed by Mquina Voadora Produes (Flying Machine Productions), a local company in the area. Steudtner caught the wave on January 18 and the video was posted at the end of March.