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Have You Seen This? Snowless skiing is incredible
French skier, Candide Thovex, posted a behind-the-scenes video featuring skiing without snow that will knock your socks off. - photo by Martha Ostergar
GRASSY SLOPES I dont even know how to introduce this video that will help you understand the awesomeness youre about to see, so Ill just stick with the cold hard facts.

In 2015, French skier Candide Thovex shot a commercial for Audi with the tagline all conditions are perfect conditions. In the commercial, it shows Thovex skiing down mountainsides, on roads, over farmers, in a field of moguls and more.

When you see the original commercial, youll immediately think, Oh, thats some nice CGI work. But if you think that, then you are wrong dead wrong.

This week, Thovex posted some incredible behind-the-scenes footage on his Facebook page of the year-old commercial. You will see the enormously gutsy skier complete all the stunts himself, and then youll pick your jaw up off the floor.

Once youve picked your jaw up and cleaned up whatever drooly mess youve left behind, all thats left to do is wonder about what the insurance budget alone was like for that single commercial shoot.

As a testimonial of the video, Thovex posted the footage on Thursday, and it already has over 8.5 million views and counting.