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Have You Seen This? Weirdest, best Toxic cover on the internet
The internet can be a weird, weird place. Join me while I take you there. - photo by Martha Ostergar
THE WEIRD WEB You can find just about anything you please on the internet, but that means you can also find all things silly, strange, odd, and beyond.

I know the featured video is weird, but it also has a sort of class and charm about it. Theres surprise, classical musical training in instrument and voice, and even some mild acrobatics.

If that doesnt intrigue (or maybe frighten you), then also know that this 20-second video involves a cover of Britney Spears 2003 hit Toxic. You may recall that Spears original video was sleek and futuristic, but this clip is opposite. Way opposite.

It features what appears to be three students of oboe, violin, and opera. In the clip, they join forces in a hyperbolic display of their talents for comedic effect, one can only assume.

My best guess is that this is a late-night venture, which is common for the young folk in school. And when you add late nights to the specific energy that only seems to come from art and theater students, you get the perfect storm for this weird, wild, wacky, and wonderful mess.

The internet can be a strange, strange place. Thank you for joining me on this trip.