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Here are the most-used emojis on Thanksgiving
What emojis do you use on Thanksgiving? A new report lists the most popular ones that people send out on the holiday. - photo by Herb Scribner
Get ready to receive some emojis Thursday.

Its no secret your friends and family will likely send you little emoticons and emojis to honor the holiday.

Emojipedia, the website that has definitions on all emojis, put together a list of the most-used Thanksgiving emojis shared on the holiday.

Clapping hands topped the list, followed by hearts, celebration, hot beverage and the United States in the top five.

Those were followed by football, fork and knife, fall leaves, family and home, to round out the top 10.

The final four included drumstick, chicken, corn and chestnut.

Head over to emojipedia for a full list of Thanksgiving-related emojis.

None of those are popular emojis in Utah. According to SwiftKey, the candy lollipop emoji is the most popular in the Beehive State.

Venmo, the video-sharing company, recently started a campaign with Thanksgiving emojis, too. Venmo and Aldi, one of the nations largest grocers, teamed up to donate food for those in need, according to Cheddar.

The companies will donate anytime users include the companys new custom hand turkey emoji in a post along with the caption Friendsgiving.