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Heres a funny wedding invitation to get you ready for wedding season
Data shows that most people RSVP "yes" to wedding invitations. Here's one wedding invite that is a little more complicated and funny. - photo by Herb Scribner
Wedding season is approaching, and that means you may soon have to decide whether or not to go to a friend's wedding.

If youre like most Americans, youll probably attend a wedding to which you're invited. Recent data from RSVPify, an online resource for creating event invitations, says that 83 percent of Americans say theyll go to a wedding, while 17 percent decline the invitations they get.

What makes people flock to see weddings? RSVPify's website says people often accept wedding invitations that stand out from the rest.

By putting special thought into your wedding RSVP wording you can help to ensure your guests are clear and mindful of why and when you need these responses back, RSVPify suggests.

Thats what this couple did with their tongue-in-cheek wedding invitation, which made its way to Imgur this week. The invitation includes somewhat of a survey for guests to fill out about why theyre attending the wedding, how they feel about the marrying couple and why theyre coming with or without a date.