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'Huckleberry' fans are in for another clean, romantic treat
Huckleberry Summer
"Huckleberry Summer: The Matchmakers of Huckleberry Hill" is by local author Jennifer Beckstrand. - photo by Kensington Publishing Corp.

"HUCKLEBERRY SUMMER: The Matchmakers of Huckleberry Hill," by Jennifer Beckstrand, Zebra Books, $7.99, 341 pages (f)

For those who fell in love with the Helmuth family earlier this year with the arrival of "Huckleberry Hill," another treat is available in the sweet new romance "Huckleberry Summer," which was released this month.

Jennifer Beckstrand takes readers back to the Helmuth's Wisconsin farm where Anna has determined that her grandson Aden needs to live with her and her husband, Felty, for the summer. And Aden needs to get married. This summer. Her matchmaking worked before, and she is certain she can do it again.

Aden is busy in his own life, but a higher power steps in and lends a hand to ensure Aden finds his way to his grandparent's farm. Anyone else might fight against aggressive matchmaking, but Aden does not mind his kind grandmother's meddling, especially after he meets the girl: the beautiful, kind and always obedient Lily.

As with all good romance novels, the huckleberry path is strewn with thorns and obstacles. Aden is not the only suitor for Lily's hand. Another man, Tyler, is also pursuing Lily, and Tyler has the benefit of being community- and parent-approved. Readers may be frustrated by Lily's long and often anguishing decision-making process, but that will not stop them from continuing to turn the pages, time and again, because Beckstrand throws in enough surprises to keep the story fresh and moving.

Set in an Amish community, "Huckleberry Summer" has clean language and no violence. And while Aden does manage to steal a kiss, or two, or three, the romance does not advance beyond that point.

"Huckleberry Summer" is the second book in a series of Amish romance novels by Beckstrand. "Huckleberry Christmas" is next in the series and is scheduled to be released in October.