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If you want a happy marriage, do this on Facebook
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How many times have you and your significant other posted about your relationship on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? Was it a lot? Like, twice in the last few hours?

If so, then youre probably in a happy relationship.

According to new research published in the journal Psychology of Popular Media Culture, couples who often post updates about their relationships on social media are happier than those who dont. The study analyzed the social media habits and relationship satisfaction of more than 1,000 couples and found those who posted updates about their relationships on Facebook also reported increased relationship satisfaction.

You can stop the eye-rolling, wrote Kate Hakala for Mic. The road to a happy modern relationship might be paved with the same tagged statuses and selfie shots that you've been posting for years.

This is in line with a 2013 study published in Social Psychological and Personality Science that found married couples who post on Facebook about their relationships are often more satisfied with their marriages.

The study found those who had their spouse in their profile picture and who posted relationship-related status updates were happier with their relationships. And those who were happier with their relationships were more likely to post a picture of their spouse on Facebook, according to the study.

Theres a flip side, though. A study cited by the Christian Post in April 2014 said Facebook is one of the leading reasons for divorce. The study found the American divorce rate grew by 2.18 percent as Facebooks population increased by 20 percent, which researchers believe shows a correlation between the two.

And in 2011, one-third of divorced couples listed Facebook as one of their reasons for divorce, according to the New York Daily News. This may be because of trust issues, or because couples felt they shared too many intimate details about their relationships online, which I wrote about in September of last year.

But the recent study from the Psychology of Popular Media Culture says people should shake off the haters who are sick of your relationship status updates. It might be one of the things keeping your relationship going.