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Netflix, 'Frozen' and great-grandmas: 2014 baby name trends
All those late nights binge-watching shows on Netflix has influenced some of the most popular names of 2014, according to a report from BabyCenter.

All those late nights binge-watching shows on Netflix has influenced some of the most popular names of 2014, according to a report from BabyCenter.

BabyCenter released its annual baby names report this week and Sophia continued to reign as top girl's name for the fifth year in a row. Emma and Olivia rounded out the top 3 for the third year in a row. Chloe was finally knocked out of the top 10 and replaced with Madelyn.

Jackson topped the boy's names for the second year in a row while Jayden and Jack finally dropped out of the top 10. Caden crept in at No. 8 and Logan landed at No. 10.

“Jackson has staying power and is not a one-hit wonder, and Sophia is arguably the Jennifer of its generation,” Linda Murray, BabyCenter’s global editor in chief, told “It’s clearly entered the baby name hall of fame.”

Netflix's original series "Orange is the New Black" helped Galina jump up 67 percent in the rankings. Nicky climbed 35 percent, Piper jumped up 28 percent and Dayanara also moved up 19 percent. Alex and Gloria also rose in the rankings.

"House of Cards" also influenced names as well including Garrett, which rose 16 percent and Claire, played by Robin Wright, is up 14 percent. Robin jumped up 12 percent for girls and Wright leaped up the rankings by 65 percent for boys. Other names including Zoe, Frank and Remy also rose in rankings.

“This is the year of the binge-watching baby name,” Murray told Yahoo Parenting. “When you spend 16 hours in one weekend watching your favorite series, you can’t help but fall in love with the characters’ names. The correlation between trending baby names and trending binge-watch shows is undeniable.”

It should come as no surprise that people named their children after characters from the hottest movie of the past year. Elsa rose from 275 to 205 and Hans took a leap from 427 to 341. The names of the actors also experienced a jump in popularity. Kristin rose from 394 to 309 andJonathan remains in the top 100. Olaf didn't fare so well and plummeted by 310 percent, BabyCenter said.

Parents are also being charmed by sweet southern names like Rhett, Vernon and Deacon for boys and Magnolia, Beulah and Virginia for girls.

Southern places are also popular including Raleigh, Savannah, Charlotte and even Tennessee. In addition to these old-fashioned names, new parents are also choosing family based names from three generations ago such as Carol, up 45 percent, Shirley, up 23 percent and Ruth, up 14 percent.

Over 60 percent of respondents to a BabyCenter survey said they feel their baby’s name will contribute to their success later in life, Murray told Yahoo.

“Parents take the job seriously because they want to set their kid up for a great life," she said.

A smaller percentage of parents throw all caution to the wind and choose wildly unique monikers for their little bundles of joy. Some of the more unusual girl names include Amore, Esty, Mahogany and Sephora. You also might run into little boys named Anthem, Castle, Onix, Tiger or Wolf.

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