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New Facebook guidelines ban sexual and violent content from your feed
In his recent letter, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg outlines a bold global mission for the platform. Some worry about what Facebook's new vision means for the future of journalism and democracy. - photo by Herb Scribner
Facebook doesnt want you to make money if youre a supporter of violence, tragedy and fake news.

The company said in a blog post Thursday that it will soon change its guidelines for who can make money through the social network.

The new guidelines will outline new policies for Instant Articles and Branded Content, as well as what posts can and cant make money.

What are some of the bans? Facebook said it will ban any depiction of death or any depictions of children in violent, sexualized, or otherwise inappropriate behavior.

Facebook also plans to ban adult content. What does that mean? Content where the focal point is nudity or adult content, including depictions of people in explicit or suggestive positions, or activities that are overly suggestive or sexually provocative, Facebook said in its guidelines.

There will also be a ban on any group that promotes attacks or hate.

But this can also be applied to news groups, The Verge reported. And it can affect publishers who report on tragedies and conflict.

As news publishers continue to try earning money through Facebook, the guidelines may once again raise questions about Facebooks responsibilities, The Verge reported. The rules, if taken as written, would seem to bar the monetization of news content with a high public service value, like the depiction of war crimes depictions of natural disasters is cited specifically.

The ban would also likely stop fake news. To make money, pages will have to exist for at least a month and be deemed credible.

Facebook fell under fire for admitting that Russia sought and bought ads to provide disinformation in the 2016 presidential election.