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Put sleeping babies in cribs, not carriers or car seats, study says
To lower the risk of infant death, researchers suggest making sure babies aren't sleeping in carriers or car seats for long periods of time. - photo by Jarom Moore
STATE COLLEGE, Pa. A new study shows babies are far safer when sleeping in a crib instead of a baby carrier or car seat.

Researchers at Penn State University looked at 47 deaths with baby carriers and saw that all but one were a result of asphyxiation from either position or strangulation. Most of the deaths, about two-thirds, occurred from car seats.

The research showed that over half of the deaths related to car seats involved being strangled by a strap. The researchers pointed out that properly used car seats have very little risk of choking, but children shouldnt be left unsupervised to sleep in them.

Infants and toddlers should not be left to sleep in car seats, bouncers or carriers. Instead, the researchers suggest having an infant sleep on his back with a firm mattress without loose bedding to prevent choking.

The authors give seven pieces of advice for parents about the topic:

1. Do not leave children unsupervised, whether asleep or awake.

2. Never leave children in a car seat that is unbuckled or partly strapped in.

3. Dont leave car seats on soft or unstable surfaces.

4. Be careful with infants in bouncers, strollers and swings. The infants may be able to move into positions that could end up choking them. Use straps if possible to prevent this.

5. Make sure infants cant twist their heads into soft bedding or slump forward into a seat; proper restraints should help with that.

6. Whenever using a sling, make sure the infants face is visible and kissable at all times.

7. Dont put more than one infant into a swing built for just one.