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Report: San Antonio Spurs to replace dance team with a family friendly coed hype team
Spurs are ending their Silver Dancers team. Instead, the team will reportedly replace the team with a 35-member family-friendly co-ed hype team." - photo by Herb Scribner
The San Antonio Spurs are making their dance team a little more family friendly.

Sources say the Spurs are ending their Silver Dancers team. Instead, San Antonio will reportedly replace the team with a 35-member family friendly coed hype team, according to a press release.

The team will include tumbling and acrobatics as well as dance. It will elevate the game-day experience and energize crowds with a diverse array of unique family friendly talents, including tumbling, acrobatics, dance and stunts, according to a release.

We are excited to announce our new Spurs hype team, said Spurs Sports & Entertainment Vice President Tammy Turner in a statement. This team will further enhance the game-night experience for Spurs fans at the AT&T Center.

The dance squad began back in 1992. ESPN reported it was eliminated for lack of fan interest.

Rosalyn Jones, who founded the Silver Dancers, told The Washington Post the squad members weren't exactly happy with the idea that the dance team isnt considered family friendly.

This is a very conservative market, and the team has always been very concerned about the look of the girls and things like that, Jones told the Post. But Im telling you Ive never seen and never heard anything derogatory. The girls are all professional women, they know the rules and standards and they know theyre ambassadors for the Spurs. And theyve done so much in the community camps, clinics, promotional activities. To take this away so suddenly, its bothersome.

Jones said shes unsure why the team got canceled so suddenly.

This program has been in existence for 26 years. Why now? she asked. I dont understand the explanation that there was a lack of interest. If that was the case, shouldnt they have conveyed that to the choreographer and brought those concerns to her at some point? Give her a chance to address it. But there were never any complaints.

Former and current team members shared their dismay on Twitter.