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Running is not the best exercise for weight loss-- see what burns more calories
See what exercises are the champions of calorie burning. - photo by Stael F. Pedrosa Metzger
Weight loss seems like a popular topic among women, because we always feel like we could lose a pound or two. Or ten. Even the most confident women feel concerned about their bodies sometimes, so we turn to exercise.

Physical exercise isnt just good for losing weight -- its also crucial to your overall physical, emotional and mental health. It fights depression, improves self-esteem and helps you get the figure youve always wanted.

When it comes to weight loss, cardio exercise options are by far the best. These include walking, swimming, jumping rope, running, cycling and other things, but women tend to stick to running for the most part.

While running is good for you, there are other exercises that are just as great-- if not better. Here are a few exercises that burn more calories in less time:

1. Cycling

Depending on the intensity, a biker can burn about 1,200 calories per hour. But you have to keep your pace and heart rate up, because a leisurely bike ride around the park wont give you the same results.

2. Muay Thai

This is a type of boxing that burns about 750 calories per hour. Classes are about 60 to 90 minutes, and classes include other exercises like running, push-ups, sit-ups and jump rope.

3. Zumba

Zumba is so much fun, especially if you love to dance! The rhythm and movement can burn up to 800 calories in an hour. It helps you lose weight, it accelerates metabolism, improves balance and strengthens the heart.

4. Boxing

An hour of punching the sandbag can burn more that 700 calories, help you slim down, tone your muscles, fight stress and help you relax.

5. Rowing

Even when you row sitting down, an hour of this can burn more than 600 calories. It will tone your back, arms, shoulders and hips. Even though your whole body isnt moving during this exercise, its still super beneficial.

6. Swimming

Swimming benefits all muscles in the body, since the friction against the water forces you to put forth greater effort. Plus, if you swim as far as you run, youll burn three to four times more calories swimming than running.

All exercises are beneficial as long as you account for your physical condition and how far you can push yourself. If youre thinking about getting into exercise, do it! Just make sure youre careful and start out slow.