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Thanos is coming to Fortnite'; heres everything you need to know about the Infinity War mashup
In what may be the greatest crossover event in history, Thanos from Avengers: Infinity War is coming to the video game Fortnite. - photo by Herb Scribner
In what may be the greatest crossover event in history, Thanos from Avengers: Infinity War is coming to the video game Fortnite Battle Royale.

Fortnite players will have an opportunity to wear the Infinity Gauntlet and become Thanos. The mashup will happen within the 100-player, free-for-all, last-man-standing game.

Each Battle Royale game will contain one Infinity Gauntlet weapon. The first player to find it will become Thanos and wield all of his power. It's unclear what that means in the game.

That seems like a lot of power, considering the Infinity Gauntlet with all of the Infinity Stones can basically do anything imaginable, including change time, warp reality and kill anyone, according to Mashable. How exactly it will work in 'Fortnite' remains to be seen, but rest assured it probably won't be a fair fight.

The idea that Thanos found himself in the "Fortnite" world makes sense since he has the Reality Stone, which allows the fictional character to literally jump between different realities.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Joe and Anthony Russo, co-directors of Infinity War, are huge fans of the multiplayer online video game.

Over the past few months, while we were editing 'Infinity War,' wed take breaks to hop on and get in a few games, Joe Russo told EW. And then we started thinking, how cool would it be to have some kind of 'Avengers''Fortnite' mashup.

So the Russo brothers contacted Donald Mustard, the worldwide creative director for Epic Games, which created Fortnite.

Out of the blue, I get this call from Joe. And after a bit of geeking out over each others work, we start brainstorming these crazy ideas, Mustard said. It was really important that whatever we did, it had to be super authentic to both 'Fortnite' and the 'Avengers: Infinity War,' and something that fans of both would be excited about. About an hour later, we had the bones of this awesome idea for a limited-time gameplay mode, and almost immediately our team got started.

Fortnite has risen in popularity during the year. Celebrities, like Drake, have supported the game. According to USA Today, Drake broke a record for "Fortnite" with 628,000 people watching him and popular gamer Ninja.

The game has been downloaded 40 million times.

Fortnite is free to play. You can download it here or on any major gaming console.