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The Clean Cut: 13-year-old performs God Bless America at Peach Bowl through Make-A-Wish
Andi Jackson's wish comes true as she sings at the Peach Bowl - photo by Brooke Facer
As 70,000 people crowded into the stadium for the Chick-fil-a Peach Bowl at the end of December, 13-year-old Andi Jones was preparing backstage to wow the crowd with her performance of God Bless America.

Jones was able to live her dream through Make-A-Wish Georgia, and this video from Chick-fil-a Chickenwire highlights her story.

Chickenwire reported, Jones, a singer, received an ironic medical diagnosis: ciliary dyskinesia, a genetic disorder that causes chronic, and sometimes life-threatening, respiratory issues. Not limited by her illness, Jones continues to sing and holds on to big dreams of a bright future.

Those dreams came true as Andi performed for the Peach Bowl. This is just such an amazing, incredible opportunity, and Im so grateful for this, said Andi in the video.

Andi also said that her wish was to be a famous singer. If I can be a famous singer I can show that just because I have these illnesses, it doesnt stop me.