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The Clean Cut: 92-year-old husband sings love song to dying wife
A video of 92-year-old Howard singing a love song to his 93-year-old wife, Laura, went viral after touching viewers' hearts. - photo by Alex E. Johnson
A video of an elderly man singing a love song to his dying wife is touching viewers' hearts.

Erin Solari posted the clip of her grandfather, 92-year-old Howard, singing to 93-year-old Laura to Facebook on Sept. 12, where it now has more than 3.8 million views. Solari posted the video to YouTube on Sunday, where it has more than 70,000 views.

The song Howard sings, "You'll Never Know," is a popular tune from the 1940s and 1950s that the couple considered "their love song," according to Solari's description of the video.

Howard struggles to stand and hear, and Laura has macular degeneration, making it difficult to see, but it "doesnt stop her from looking deep into her loves eyes," Solari wrote on YouTube.

After 73 years of marriage, Howard and Laura are still eager to express their love to one another.

"I am your sweetheart," Howard said to his wife while stroking her face. "I always was your sweetheart."

Laura was at a hospice facility when Solari filmed this video. Laura is now at home being cared for by hospice staff and her family during her final days.

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