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The Clean Cut: Girl who has never walked skates with NHL player
Cammy submitted a goal to the Chicago Blackhawks as part of their recent social media initiative, "What's your goal?" The Blackhawks then made it possible for Cammy, who has never walked, to skate with her favorite hockey player. - photo by Morgan Jones
In 2014, the NHL Chicago Blackhawks launched a social media campaign based on the question, Whats your goal?

Blackhawks fans were invited to submit videos about their goals, and then the Blackhawks set out to make those dreams a reality.

From letting a little girl sell Girl Scout cookies to her favorite player to helping a girl with a visual impairment enjoy a hockey game as a VIP, the Blackhawks have helped several people achieve their goals.

This video features a little girl named Cammy, who is unable to speak or walk but who wanted to score a hockey goal with Duncan Keith, her favorite player.