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The surprising new way Fortnite gamers are making money from the game
Epic Games' "Fortnite" - photo by Herb Scribner
Some skilled video game players are making money off of Fortnite in the most unique way.

As BBC News reported, a growing number of gamers have been hired to be bodyguards and coaches to new players of the game. In fact, some gamers earn more than $26 per hour to help newbies get a handle on gameplay.

Fortnite specifically the free version of the game, Fortnite: Battle Royale drops 100 players onto an island where the task is to become the last competitor standing. Players can pick up weapons and materials, like brick, wood or stone, to build makeshift forts to protect themselves from attacks of other players.

The game features a few modes, including a solo version where gamers play alone, or a squad-mode, where players can join up with friends to compete for the victory.

Wins or, as the game calls them, "Victory Royales," which kids these days call "dubs" will earn gamers more points, which unlock new cosmetic rewards for in-game characters.

BBC followed accountant trainee Aaron Hobson, who calls himself a Fortnite buddy to those playing the game.

Im someone who plays with you, coaches you and advises you on what to do on Fortnite, and whats best to obviously maximize your chances of winning, he said.

Watch BBCs report where gamers explain their new job.

However, the game has faced criticism for being too violent and addictive for children.

But Forbes writer Dave Their recently wrote that the game is mostly harmless compared to other games like Call of Duty. Parents can set a time limit for their child, for example, to control how much time is spent playing the game.