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These before and after photos show how badly Hurricane Irma damaged the Caribbean and Florida
A photo of a normal (left) and flooded (right) Miami River inlet. - photo by Herb Scribner
Hurricane Irma dropped down to a tropical storm on Monday morning, just 24 hours after making landfall in Florida.

Irma which has winds now at about 70 mph pummeled through Florida cities like Miami, Tampa and Naples, leaving widespread damage in its wake, CNN reported.

Emergency workers have already rescued 25 people who were caught in the danger. Another 125 emergency rescues were made on Monday.

One death was reported in Orange County, according to CNN.

Florida may be weeks away from stability. About 5.8 million people are without power in Florida. Some places might not have power for the weeks, FEMA chief Brock Long told CNN.

First responders and officials are still assessing the damage to Florida, as the storm continues to swirl to the northwest.

Social media users have started to share before and after photos of Miami, Key Largo and other areas following the storm.