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US Postal Service reveals new Forever Batman stamps
The U.S. Postal Service Batman stamp page was released October 9.

Mailing a letter became more fun last week when the U.S. Postal Service, Warner Bros. Consumer Products and DC Entertainment dedicated the Limited Edition Forever Batman Stamps in honor of Batman’s 75th anniversary.

Comic book writer Ralph Garman revealed eight Batman designs at New York Comic Con, including stamps from the four eras of comic book history to show the various versions of the bat emblem, according to the United States Postal Service.

“It’s very fitting we’re dedicating these Batman stamps during National Stamp Collecting Month, because stamp collecting played a role in young Bruce Wayne’s childhood in the 1950s comics,” said U.S. Postal Service Chief Information Officer and Executive Vice President James Cochrane, according to USPS.

According to CNET, the first row of stamps shows the muscular Modern Age Batman, the second row depicts Bronze Age Batman, who is being alerted by the bat signal, the third row of stamps shows Silver Age Batman, posing in an action shot, and the fourth row displays Golden Age Batman as envisioned by creator Bob Kane.

There are approximately 80 million Forever Batman stamps available in the United States, Movie Pilot reported.