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Wyoming Sheriff Longmire returns
Wyoming Sheriff Longmire Returns.KS
"Any Other Name" is the 11th book in the Longmire mystery series by Craig Johnson. - photo by Viking Books

"ANY OTHER NAME," by Craig Johnson, Viking Books, $26.95, 317 pages (f)
Wyoming Sheriff Walt Longmire returns in Craig Johnson's new book, "Any Other Name." The story begins with Longmire reluctantly agreeing to help his old friend and former boss, Lucian Connally, uncover answers from the suicide of a cold case investigator in a neighboring county.
Longmire hopes to quickly find some answers so he can catch a flight to Philadelphia to see the birth of his first grandchild. Initially, the case seems to be just another suicide, but Longmire soon learns this case is not going to be easy to wrap up quickly.
While looking into the investigator's cold cases, Longmire learns three local women have recently disappeared. His case soon becomes a search for a serial killer in the small Wyoming community of Arrosa.
The hunt for the missing women and possible serial killer leads Longmire to Deadwood, South Dakota, where he reunites with his old friend Henry Standing Bear. The two of them soon embark on a true Western manhunt through the Black Hills of South Dakota in the middle of a raging snowstorm.
"Any Other Name" is yet another fast-paced novel filled with Johnson's brand of Wild West humor and quick wit. His cast of characters returns to play in familiar roles as Longmire's sidekicks and guardian angels.
Besides Longmire's faithful companion, Henry Standing Bear, the cast includes his under-sheriff and love interest, Victoria Morretti, and his ghostly spiritual adviser, Virgil White Buffalo.
This book contains detailed descriptions of gun violence, drug use and murder. It also has numerous incidents of sexual dialogue and mature language.
"Any Other Name" is Johnson's 11th book in the Longmire mystery series. His books have recently been made into a hit television series on A&E.