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Annette Altman, H.J. Altman Jr.
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I Remember Mama
(Annette Altman)

I remember sitting there holding your hand,
Still warm and soft to the touch.
I remember looking at your face,
Wanting so much for you to open your eyes.
I remember how I stroked your skin, touched your cheek,
And waited for you to speak.
I remember running my hand over your hair, still neatly in its place,
You always did look so beautiful, and now with the look of an angel’s face.

You didn’t look back, you didn’t move, you lay so still and quiet,
Yet looked so peaceful and beautiful as to what my eyes did see.
My heart, how it ached for me, but not for you,
You could see me, but I could not see you.

I felt your touch, your warm embrace,
Giving me comfort from that dreary place,
I felt you say, I’m going home,
I’m happy now and I’m not alone.

Be strong, my daughter, take care of yourself,
Watch over the ones I’ve left behind.
I’m meeting your Dad now, it’s been a while,
But it seems like yesterday when he left and said to us, be strong.
You know how much we love you and that we will watch over you.
Be patient, be kind, be strong, keep your faith in the God above,
For it’s here we will meet again and have eternal everlasting love.

In loving memory of our parents,
Annette Altman – April 18, 1936 to Nov. 2, 2008 and
H.J. Altman Jr. – Dec. 4, 1930 to May 1, 1964
Missed deeply by your children,
Frances Butler, Thomas and Phillip Altman