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Jennifer Brooke Lacross
Dec. 22, 1981-Nov. 12, 2000
11.13 Jennifer Lacross

In Loving Memory   
Jennifer Brooke Lacross
Dec. 22, 1981- Nov. 12, 2000

You are still so much a part of our days even though seven years has eased the pain. God has revealed to us His awesome plan and how He will use your life to touch many. The memory of your smile and your contagious laugh is a gift that no one can ever take from us. As we pause at this special time of year, we celebrate your short life of 18 years, and we are reminded that God numbers our days but how we influence people is what makes us unique. Sweetheart, I watch the lives of your friends and I can see where you would be today. That brings me much joy! It is at those moments that I am so thankful for the days God gave me with you. Your beautiful life has certainly changed mine. You are still so alive in me and all those you touched. I live everyday celebrating the happiness you gave me and the future I have spending all of eternity with God and with you. We will be together again when my days on earth are through. Until then I vow to trust God and His plan for me and to keep you alive in our hearts.

My love for you is endless
Mom, Michael, Raymond, Bubba and Aunt Margaret