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The Little Pantry of Clyo - a shop for those in need

For most people, going to the grocery store and purchasing produce, meats, sweet treats and everything in-between is how we obtain food. But while that may be the case for some, it is not the case for all – sometimes a little help is needed.

Some people use coupons while others shop off-brand products to save money, but for some, that’s still not enough help.

That’s when good Samaritans like Robbie Holder step up and do something about it.

Holder, a senior at Effingham County High School, has built The Little Pantry of Clyo, a roadside food pantry where people can donate food for those in need to come by and pick up.

Holder explained he got the idea for the pantry from his mother, Donna Holder.

“We decided around November,” Robbie Holder said on when the idea came to be. “My mom had seen where they had start one in North Georgia and she thought it would be a good idea to do one around here.”

Holder leapt at the chance to do some good in his community.

“I thought it was a good service project that would be really good for the community,” Holder said. “It took me about a month to build it.”

Holder explained that he worked on building the pantry on the weekends with a little help from his grandfather.

“I’ve been doing woodworking jobs since August, so I kind of knew a little bit already,” Holder said. “My granddad is pretty good at woodworking so he helped a lot.”

The way it works is that people can come by and drop off canned goods and those in need can come by take what they need.

“People usually just go to the food pantry and put what they want in,” Holder said. “Right now it just has food in it.”

In the future, Holder said that he and his mother have plans to build another pantry.

“Me and my mom have been talking about building one in Springfield,” Holder said. “I just think it would be a good thing for every community. There’s always going to be at least one person who can’t afford food and they can go there without asking for help.”