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United Way hails Bishop as an Everyday Hero
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Cody Mincey was referred to Big Brothers Big Sisters when he 10 years old.  His mother and grandmother, who are raising Cody, wanted him to have a positive male role model in his life and for him to get out of the house more and be active.  Cody seemed to be a very sweet and mannerly young boy, though he appeared to be somewhat shy and was having problems with being bullied at school.

A year and a half later, Big Brother Randy Bishop and Little Brother Cody exemplify the transformational power of mentoring relationships. Bishop demonstrates his dedication to his mentee by driving from Tybee Island to Rincon (40 miles, one-way) to see Cody on a regular basis, usually twice a month.  When they are together, they enjoy a number of activities from fishing, going to the movies, playing putt-putt golf, and riding in go-carts. 
Both Cody’s mom and grandmother are grateful for what Bishop does for Cody, describing him as an “angel” because of the positive

influence he has been to Cody. Cody’s grandmother has reported that since being matched with Randy, the young man’s grades and self-esteem have increased tremendously. In fact, Cody’s grades in every academic area increased since he was matched with his Big Brother. Cody even made a 100 in Science last spring; not too surprising since his Big Brother is a doctor.  Bishop was even gracious enough to speak at Cody’s school this year for career day as a favor to Cody.  Clearly, Randy Bishop is a true example of what being a Big Brother is all about.

United Way – Effingham salutes Dr. Randy Bishop as this week’s Everyday Hero.

The Big Brother Big Sister program is supported by United Way. Your donations to United Way help to fund more than 25 health and human service programs in Effingham County. These programs impact the lives of hundreds of families in our community. Their annual fundraising campaign began last month and will continue until Nov. 18.  More information on United Way is available at or by calling their local office at 826-5300.

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