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A first for Young Farmers
Rahn named first female Young Farmer of the Year
Jon Guerry Burns
Jon Guerry Burns was named Agri-businessman of the Year. - photo by Photo by Rick Lott

Kelly Rahn was named Effingham County Young Farmer of the Year on Thursday night, the first time a woman has received that honor.

Rahn started farming in 2003 and also has been teaching. Rahn, who is expecting her first child in April, also was teacher of the year at Effingham County Middle School for 2008-09. She also won the state speech competition in 2007.

State Sen. Jack Hill was on hand to present the award for Agri-businessman of the Year to Jon Guerry Burns, who had his father, state Rep. Jon Burns, looking on.

Hill commented that he had a lot in common with Burns, as he had also farmed with his father before taking it all on himself. He cited the many improvements that Jon Burns had brought to the business.

Hill said it’s tough in small business today and said the size of today’s farms is half what it used to be. He said Burns’ business was very supportive of Effingham County’s farm community.

Burns said that he’s blessed to be able to do what he does and said it’s good to have a good family behind him.

Other awards were presented for Corn, Soybean, and Peanut production. Winners of the Corn Awards were: Brad Rahn, first place; Glenn Zittrouer; second; Michael Morgan, third; and Carroll Zittrouer, fourth.

Soybean winners were Bruce Redmond, first place; Brad Rahn, second place; Michael Morgan, third place; and Thomas Kessler, fourth place. Peanut winners were Tony Morgan, first place; Michael Morgan, second place; Larry Redmond, third place; and Brad Rahn, fourth place.

In addition, a 60-hour certificate was presented to Robert Helmey and 90-hour certificates were presented to Daniel Beard, Ryal Morgan, Bruce Peth, Carroll Zittrouer and Glenn Zittrouer.