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Alexander dons interim city manager hat
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Randy Alexander already has a task in hand for his first day as Guyton’s interim city manager.

The Guyton police chief will be wearing two hats and one of his first duties will be to address a problem with Waste Management’s service on behalf of one of the city’s residents.

Alexander also won’t be far from his primary role as police chief.

“I’ll still be by the radio,” he said. “If there’s an emergency, I’m still going to respond.”

At their meeting Tuesday night, Guyton City Council members approved making Alexander the temporary city manager for six months. Alexander will perform those duties on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with a bump in pay of $2.26 an hour while he’s on that job.

Alexander said he finds the city manager work interesting. His duties will include the day-to-day operations of the city, including schedules and time management.

“My job is to give direction and guidance to city employees,” he said. “We’re growing and we’re getting busy. The city needed it.”

Alderman Phillip King said there are certain personnel and administrative duties the council members can’t do on a day-to-day basis.

“It will keep us from duplicating efforts,” Alderman Les Pevey said.

Said Mayor Michael Garvin: “With five of us trying to do it, we’re going to put the burden on his shoulders.”

Council members approved a job description for the position just prior to naming Alexander as the interim city manager.

His responsibilities will include acting as personnel director for all city departments; recommending and implementing the approved annual budget; coordinating financial management programs; supervising municipal purchasing activities; assisting in municipal planning and development activities; and coordinating with local, state and federal officials and the public.