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Duffs picked for "American Pickers'
Clyo family to be featured Wednesday on popular History Channel show
mike fritz frank wolfe
Mike Fritz and Frank Wolfe of "American Pickers" visited Clyo in March for an episode featuring the Duff family's collection to be aired this Wednesday night on the History Channel. - photo by Photo provided
An Effingham County family will be one of the featured picks on the Wednesday episode of the American Pickers television show on the History Channel. In this show, Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz visit with Dwayne and Dale Duff in Clyo to look through an antiques collection that had been gathered by their father, Delbert. This episode was filmed in March. The show features Dwayne and Dale Duff and their mother, Mary Jane Duff, as they invite Mike and Frank to pick through the rusty treasures collected by the late Delbert Duff. Dwayne said of the experience, We all want to be remembered after our death, and this was our way of remembering our dad, the Duffs said. Delbert Duff was a unique character. It wasnt so much about the money but about Dads life being valuable. We really liked the laid-back approach of Mike and Frank. It was like we were hanging out with our friends. We were all just good ole boys trading stories. Daddy loved his stuff and really did not want to get rid of anything because he felt that he may need it someday. The Effingham County Chamber of Commerce in its role as Effingham Countys state Camera-Ready liaison, provided assistance to the production company.