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Bill to limit chairmans voting moves to Senate
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A bill that would limit the powers and duties of the Effingham County commission chairman is in a state Senate committee for consideration.

State House members passed HB 1257 154-1 Tuesday, and the bill was forwarded to the Senate’s Local and Governmental Operations Committee. Under the provisions of the bill, co-sponsored by Rep. Jon Burns and Rep. Ann Purcell, the chairman’s voting powers would be limited to breaking a tie vote between the commissioners.

If the bill is passed by the Senate and signed by the governor, the chairman will have the authority to set the agenda for commissioners’ meetings, though board members and staff members shall have the authority to place items on the agenda for consideration.

The legislation also sets a quorum at four members of the board of commissioners, and at least three members’ votes are needed for any action to be taken.

The chairman, or three board members, can call a special meeting of the commissioners.

No meeting of the Senate committee has been scheduled as of yet.