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Hospital a showcase for Smart Cart technology
Patients to get right medicines, doses, especially during night
Smart Cart

Large and mysterious packages have been arriving on the doorstep of Effingham Hospital’s main medical campus at Springfield.  

Contained within these special packages are the final high-tech components in one of the most efficient medication management systems in the region. Effingham Hospital is going “high-tech” in terms of medication management and will serve as the region’s showcase hospital for ServeRx Smart Cart by MDG Medical.  

The ServeRx system suitably identifies and addresses safety risks that might potentially exist in its patient population. Making sure the right patient receives the right dose of medication requires constant vigilance.

Medications are a physician’s first line of treatment and a crucial element in continuing care, but given incorrectly, they can do more harm than good. That is why the process of monitoring and dispensing correct medications to all patients is of vital importance.

The ServeRx allows clinical workers to access medications at any time of day — even when the hospital pharmacy is closed or unavailable — and in locations where immediate access is required.

ServeRx represents the next generation in integrated multi-functional medication management systems. It is designed to dramatically improve pharmacy service efficiency and allows nursing staff to focus on patient care.

One unique feature of this new medical technology is the ServeRx System NightCabinet, which also allows pharmacists real-time access to orders, inventory, discrepancy management and a host of other functions.

Physicians enter patient medication orders into the system electronically. Medications are stored in both medication and patient-specific drawers in a highly configurable cabinet. Medications can be dispensed in individually-packaged units or in boxed quantities.  

All access to medications are carefully controlled and accurately documented. Caregivers remove medications from the cabinet and place the doses into a patient-specific cell inside the Smart Cart which is designed for a single medication pass.  

Unlike standard medication delivery systems, Smart Cart patient cells will open only after a patient’s bar-coded wristband is scanned.  

The NightCabinet provides immediate access to medications, flexible system configurations and secured storage of medications, configurable user privileges, and computerized inventory refill reporting.

The ServeRx System NightCabinet also automates medication stock management. Changes in stock levels are automatically tracked and are compared against predefined refill levels. The pharmacy refill process is further streamlined as the system creates stock refill reports, then guides users through refilling medications back into the cabinet.

Data created and stored by the system allows immediate reporting of patient-specific and medication-specific transactions. The total number of stored medications depends on the combination of large and small drawer sizes.

In the NightCabinet, the touch-screen Control Station enables staff to have secure password-protected access to the medications.

A separate ServeRx workstation, which can be located outside the patient care area, offers complete system management and reporting capabilities.