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Moon River to start hiring for "Mara" production
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Moon River Studios has announced it will hire approximately 60 people for production of the motion picture “Mara.”

“We already have received a large number of applications from the company’s Web site,” said Daniel Grodnik, head of production for Moon River Studios. “I am very impressed by the quality of the resumes received thus far, and I look forward to reviewing all of the applications who wish to join our highly-experienced team.”

Added FONU2 Chairman Jake Shapiro: “We have been, and shall continue to reach out to a number of veterans associations as part of our hiring process. Many local veterans are currently looking for employment who possess skill sets that can be applied to the film production process. We are very thankful of their service to our nation, and we look forward to embracing many of them as part of the Moon River team.”

Principal photography is scheduled to begin on “Mara,” directed by Clive Tonge and co-produced by Steven Schneider and Wendy Rhoads, within the next 60 days. “Mara” is based up on a real medical condition called “sleep paralysis.” Multiple cultures around the world have stories about a sleep demon, or demonic attacks, known as “hag syndrome.”

It is when a person is in this state of “sleep paralysis “ that they feel a presence of a  supernatural malevolent being which immobilizes the person as if it is sitting on his/her chest. The word “night-mare” or “nightmare” was used to describe this phenomenon before the word acquired its’ modern, more general meaning.