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Chamber chooses T-SPLOST campaign team
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ATLANTA—Citing the 2012 statewide TSPLOST referendum as one of the most important economic development opportunities in the state’s history, the Georgia Chamber and its affiliate, the Georgia Transportation Alliance, has announced the selection of its statewide campaign leadership team. This team will work with individual regions across the state, in concert with efforts in metro Atlanta, to educate voters and pass the referendum next year.

“As we travel throughout the state, talking to Georgians about what is needed to spur economic investment and job creation, transportation projects are always at the top of the list,” said Georgia Chamber president and CEO Chris Clark. “Georgians understand that a quality multi-modal transportation network that connects communities and facilitates trade is critical to our recovery and our future. With that in mind, we were determined to put together the best possible campaign team. Each of the individuals selected realizes just how important this effort is for our state.”

The bi-partisan team includes a number of well-known, successful campaign strategists with statewide experience in a variety of campaigns, including referenda:

• Heath Garrett - principal political strategist with The Stephens and Schriefer Group

• Chris Carpenter – founder of the Peachtree Battle Group

• Chip Lake – political consultant with Glendale Strategies

• Cabral Franklin – principal with Franklin Communications

In addition to the team of strategists, a partnership of nationally recognized polling and research experts was also announced including:

• John McLaughlin – CEO and partner of McLaughlin & Associates

• Cornell Belcher – president of Brilliant Corners Research and Strategies

“While we realize that no one ever wants their taxes to rise, the fact is that there are no other sources of funding available to meet the state’s transportation needs,” continued Clark. “Our plan between now and the election is to help Georgians understand how this additional investment in transportation will benefit their community.”

“Our team understands the challenge we are taking on,” added Heath Garrett. “But we agree that this is one of the most important elections on the ballot next year and have faith that the electorate will ultimately decide to vote in favor of new jobs and a better economic future.”