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City weighs request for water
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Springfield City Council is considering a request to provide water and sewer services for Springfield Investment Company.

City Manager Brett Bennett said he did not want the council to take action on the matter at this time. The request is for a piece of property that is very close to Rincon’s city limits and about two miles from Springfield’s existing infrastructure, he said.

“Without getting any service from the county or Rincon, Springfield Investment is turning to other options, and really the only other option is us,” he said.

Bennett said he would suggest Springfield Investment request services from Rincon again.

Keith Johnson with Springfield Investment said they have followed the appropriate procedures to request water and sewer service.

“We went to the proper and nearest provider and sent them a certified letter, and they had 90 days to respond,” he said. “And of course, it’s been several months,” he said.

Johnson said he has received no response on his certified letters to Rincon.

He said he doesn’t know at this time what type of user would be on the property, if it would be a heavy or light water user.

“What we have is a situation until you have that in place, or a letter of intent or agreement that someone will serve the property, it’s very hard to get people to look real hard because they want to be sure they can get the services in place,” he said. “We’re kind of at the end of our road.”