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Barbara Cauley
Barbara Cauley - photo by Mark Lastinger/staff

SPRINGFIELD — Barbara Cauley is currently the chief deputy clerk of Superior Court of Effingham County, which she believes makes her the best candidate to replace retiring Clerk Elizabeth Hursey.

Cauley, who has served in the clerk’s office since 1997, said that the clerk’s job is a constitutional one. She said the best way to think of it is as the go-between for the public with the courts. 

The clerk keeps the real estate records for the county. Some go back as far as 1786, Cauley said. Anything older than that are housed with state archives in Atlanta.

The clerk’s office issues notaries, oaths and has court and criminal records that go back to the early 1900s. She said part of its duties is to disburse monies collected for fines and fees and pay them to the state or county every month.

Cauley’s background includes service in the Army and work in a law firm. She has been with the clerk’s office for 23 years, serving as chief deputy for the past 11.

She said that working closely with Hursey has done the most to prepare her for stepping into the clerk’s job. She said Hursey is well respected and has been in the clerk’s office since 1978, serving as its chief since 1985.

Cauley said Hursey’s examples have been her training. She added that it is important to know the judges and how they like things done. 

In addition, Cauley said it’s vital to know what Effingham County’s office entails and what is expected and needed for the county. She added that the transition between Hursey and herself would be a smooth one with no “on the job training” necessary.

A proud grandmother, Cauley has has been married for 35 years and raised a son and a daughter. They have two grandsons.