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Clyo El Cheapo store held up, robbed Saturday
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The El Cheapo gas station in Clyo was held up by three suspects Saturday afternoon, two of whom had handguns.

The store, located at 7174 Hwy. 119 N in Clyo, was robbed by what witnesses described as three black males, fully clothed and armed with handguns.

One of the victims in the robbery told Effingham County Sheriff’s Deputies that the three suspects entered the store and demanded the lottery money bag, all the cash in the register and a carton of Newport cigarettes.

Two other witnesses to the crime were told to “get the f--- on the ground” while being held at gunpoint.

According to surveillance footage from a camera in the store, the three suspects entered the store at 1643 hours (4:43 p.m.) and two of them brandished handguns - one with an extended magazine and another black handgun.

All three suspects left the store at approximately 4:45 and headed in the direction of South Carolina in a newer model silver Jaguar.

The reporting officer on the case is Christopher Cary.

The investigation is ongoing.